How To Choose A School

We conducted an awareness programme on 'How to Choose a School' at JNTU in Hyderabad for all the parents.

Just sponsor one day education for a needy child.  We will donate an equal amount when you donate two dollars. The amount collected from everyone will be put together for providing one year education for the child.

$2 for One Day Education

Donations can be made in the following categories:

One year education for a child - $1000

One term education for a child - $500

Books and Uniform for a child - $200

One month education for a child - $100

Special talent coaching for a child - $50

One day education for a child - $2

Donations can be made through PayPal, Cheque and demand draft.

Cheques and demand drafts should be in the name of Bodhivriksha Educational Society.
Education For All

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